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Yoga Nidra of Lord Vishnu – the cosmic sleep in Hindu Scriptures

In Hinduism, the cosmic dissolution (Mahapralaya) takes place when the cosmos goes beyond redemption due to destruction of Dharma ( as in the present period which is characterized by lack of moral and ethical values). This is not an end but a positive change or death before rebirth. This cycle is repeated endless times.

After the cosmic dissolution, there is a period of stillness. Vishnu reclines over the still cosmic waters on the endless coils of the serpent Ananta Sesha, which represents Time.

Everything that existed before the Mahapralaya lies around Him in the still primeval waters. This cosmic sleep is known as Yoga Nidra. Here He is focused on the Infinite Reality of His own identity.

Yoga Nidra ends with beginning of the next cycle of creation.

The next cycle of creation is symbolically represented by a lotus with Brahma seated on it that rises out of His navel.