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Ugrasena – Story of Father of Kamsa

Ugrasena was the father of Kamsa and the ruler of Mathura. His story is mainly found in the Srimad Bhagavad Purana. He is the maternal grandfather of Lord Krishna. Ugrasena was not the hereditary king of Mathura. He acquired the right to rule Mathura as Vasudeva, father of Sri Krishna, was not interested in kingship. When the rule of the solar race over the Mathura region ended, Surasena, king of Yadava clan, occupied the throne of Mathura. His son Vasudeva, father of Lord Krishna, did not wish to become the king. Ugrasena, a chief of an important Yadava clan occupied the throne. Ugrasena was a noble ruler but unfortunately, he had a son, Kamsa, who was arrogant and oppressive. Kamsa found an evil ally in Jarasandha. He married the daughters of Jarasandha who was ruler of Magadha. Many a times, Ugrasena attempted to change the cruel and inconsiderate behavior of Kamsa. But all advices of the wise king fell on deaf ears. The advice given by Ugrasena to Kamsa is found in the K

Food Cooked By Sita In The Ramayana And What Did Mata Sita Eat In Lanka?

The food that was cooked by Mata Sita in Ramayana was so delicious that it is part of several folklores. A story from Himachal Pradesh connects Sita’s kidnapping by Ravana to the tasty food she cooked. It is believed that Mata Sita did not have to eat anything in Lanka because Indra gave her a food which made sure that she was never hungry during her forced stay in the capital city of the demon king. As per the folklore, a crow carried the food Mata Sita cooked during her exile period in Ramayana to Lanka. Ravana happened to taste the food. He was so much happy and content with the food that he decided to kidnap Sita and get her to Lanka so that she would cook for him. Sita’s kitchen is very famous and the objects used by Mata Sita can be found in the Sita-ki-rasoi in Ayodhya. Sita Rasoi in Chitrakoot There is also a Sita Rasoi in the Chitrakoot area in Uttar Pradesh. It is located on the crown of the hill above Hanuman Dhara. Bhagavan Sri Ram, Mata Sita and Lakshman res