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Meaning of Balaji – Lord Vishnu – How Venkateswara Came to be Known as Balaji?

The Balaji form of Lord Vishnu is most famously associated with Lord Venkateswara who is worshipped in the famous Tirupati Balaji Temple in Tirumala. As per Bhagavad Purana the name Balaji means ‘the cosmic child’ or ‘eternal child.’ This meaning has nothing to do with the present day meaning of the term. So how did Venkateswara came to be known as Balaji. True Meaning of Balaji in Srimad Bhagavad Purana When man breaks Dharma, he breaks cosmic order. Nature is in disarray. The cosmic dissolution happens to set the house in order. Destructive storm and torrential rains destroy all manmade things in the universe. The raging waters consume all that is there in the world. Then on the endless ocean, a banyan leaf floats and on it, we get the first glimpse Balaji – a dark child, suckling his right toe. He is the cosmic child. Next cycle of creation begins with his appearance. (This form of Vishnu is also referred as Vatapatrashayin ). But before the next cycle of cre

We then play to play not to win

Our aim in life should be to directly experience the true reality behind all the forms in the universe. We are impressed and inspired when read or hear spiritual teachings. We decide to follow them. Either we become blind followers or drop following halfway through. We should read and listen to spiritual teachings but stop following them blindly. Think. Contemplate over them. Then chalk out our own path. Then we will be able to lead a better and fruitful life. Only then will we be able to have self realization. Until then what we are having is borrowed realization. When we realize the unlimited universal Self, we learn more about the limitations of our body, mind and intellect.  We have been fed this wrong notion that we are an island. In the island, we are supposed to have only certain type of people, ideas and beliefs. This is wrong. By supporting this wrong teaching, we are limiting ourselves. That life force which is present in me is present in all animate and ina