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Symbolism in the Image of Lord Brahma in Hinduism

One of the most famous images of Lord Brahma is that of a four-faced God seated on a lotus springing forth from the navel of Lord Vishnu. Brahma is shown with four hands. The Lord has in his four hands a water-pot (Kamandalu), a manuscript (Vedas), a sacrificial implement (sruva) and a rosary mala. In some images instead of the sacrificial implement, the hand is in blessing posture. Lord Brahma wears dress made of black antelope or deer and his vehicle or Vahana is a swan (hamsa). Each of the elements in the image has a hidden symbolism. This world that we see and hear has manifested from the eternal reality. To indicate this, Brahma, the creator, is described as being born from the navel (nabhi) of Vishnu (who represents the Eternal Reality). Standing or Sitting on Lotus – this symbolizes that Lord Brahma is ever rooted in the infinite reality. The four faces of Brahma represent the four Vedas. The four hands stands for the inner personality of man –