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Kuber Mantra for Money

Kuber Mantra for money is dedicated to  Hindu God Kubera , who is the treasurer of Gods. The Kuber Mantra is: Om Shreem Om Hreem Shreem Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Vitteshwaraya Namah In Hindi ॐ श्रीम ॐ ह्रीम श्रीम  ॐ ह्रीम  श्रीम  क्लीम वित्तेश्वराय  नमः  The mantra should be chanted continuously for 40 days to be effective. The mantra should be chanted 51 times. It is ideal to chant the mantra in the morning. During the chanting your mind should not wander around.

Vadiraja Aradhane 2023 Date - Importance

Vadirajara Tirtharu is one of the greatest saints in the Madhva Sect. Vadiraja Aradhane is the Punyadina or the death anniversary of the pious soul. Vadiraja Aradhane 2023 date is March 10. Annually the Aradhane is observed on the Krishna Paksha Tritiya Tithi in Phalgun month as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in Karnataka. Vadirajara’s birth (1480 AD) itself was a miracle. Rambhatta and Gowri did not have children for several years. Vagisha Theertharu, the then head of the Sri Vishnu Tirtha mutt, blessed them with a child. But he told the couple that if the child was born on a field then the child should be handed over to the mutt. The baby was born on a field and the couple named the child Bhoo Varaha. Vagisha Theertharu told the parents that the child was born to spread the Madhwa teachings. When he turned eight years old, he was initiated into Sanyasa and was given the name – Vadirajaru. He later became a great saint, poet, philosopher, reformer and writer

Dudhadhari Hanuman Temple in Raipur – Sankata Mochan Hanuman Mandir at Raipur in Chhattisgarh

Dudhadhari Hanuman Temple is located in front of the Balaji Mandir at Dudhadhari Ashram in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Sankata Mochan Hanuman Mandir is unique as Hanuman murti is seen with a turned face. The murti worshipped in the temple originally belonged to Sant Dudhadhari. Legend has it that Dudhadhari Hanuman Temple existed before the Balaji Mandir. Few days after Balaji temple was constructed a miracle happened. Hanuman who is an ardent devotee of Bhagavan Sri Ram turned his face to see Sri Balaji and the body remained in the same way. The doors of the temple are facing towards the Balaji Mandir because a devotee can get glimpse of the face of Hanuman only from here. The stairs to approach the shrine are from north. Thousands of devotes visit the Dudhadhari Ashram and the Sankata Mochan Hanuman Mandir daily. Related Hanuman is Worshipped in Human Form at Harni Hanuman Temple in Vadodara