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Triveni Navgraha Temple at Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh

Triveni Navgraha Temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, is a famous shrine dedicated to Navgrahas or nine planets in Hindu astrology. The shrine was earlier known as Shani Mandir. Triveni Navgraha Temple is situated on Indore – Ujjain Road. The name Triveni because the temple it is on the confluence of Shipra River and two other rivulets. The Navgrahas are Mangal, Budh, Guru, Shukra, Surya, Chandra, Shani, Rahu and Ketu. Those having trouble in their horoscope due to bad positioning of one or more navgrahas get relief after offering prayers here. Murtis worshipped in temple are unique as they are swayambhu or that seems to have appeared on its own. The shrine attracts thousands of devotees when Amavasya falls on Shanivar – no moon day on Saturday. The murti of Mangal in the shrine is believed to be powerful and the deity is offered flowers, coconuts, mustard oil and vermilion. The shrine attracts hundreds of devotees when Mangal falls on Tuesday or Mangalvar.

Vadai Malai Offered to Hanuman or Anjaneyar - Story

Vadai Malai is an important offering to  Hanuman  or Anjaneyar in South India, especially in temples in Tamil Nadu. The story of Vadai Malai offering to Hanuman is associated with  Navagraha Rahu . Child Hanuman once thought Sun to be reddish fruit in the sky and decided to grab it. Hanuman soon moved towards Sun at an unimaginable speed. At the same time, Rahu Navagraha was also moving towards Sun to cause eclipse. But Rahu was easily defeated by Hanuman in the race towards sun. Rahu realized who Hanuman was and gave him the boon that those who worshipped Hanuman with urad dal (black gram) will not face any hardships in his/her horoscope due to the bad position of Rahu. Rahu also explained to Hanuman how to prepare the Prasad using  Urad dal . It should be like a snake – like the part of Rahu’s body. Thus round Vadai is made into a garland and offered to Hanuman. Vadai Malai is offered to Hanuman to avoid the adverse effect caused by planet Rahu in horoscope. V