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Roop Chaturdashi 2018 date - Importance of Roop Chaudash

Roop Chaturdashi, also known as Rup Chaudash, is observed a day before Diwali in North India. The day is also observed as Narak Chaurdasi and Kali Chaudash. Roop Chaturdashi 2018 date is November 6. The day is observed differently in different regions.
How to observe Roop Chaturdashi? - What is done on Roop Chaudash?For some communities, it is the day for the traditional oil bath and importance is given to the maintenance of the body and therefore the day is also known as Soundarya Siddhi Divas. Yamraj, the god of death, and Chitragupt is also worshipped on Roop Chaturdashi day.After the sighting the moon on Roop Chaturdashi day, people take bath after applying oil and other traditional health products. Special powder of gram flour (Uptan) and other herbs are applied on the body.Clean dress is worn after the Roop Chaturdashi day bath and special prayers and pujas dedicated to Lord Yama is performed. People pray for the removal of the fear of narak (hell). It is believed that prayers …

Tough Time Will Pass

Rough weather does not last for a long period. Similarly, tough time in life will pass soon.

True friendship and relation is in being with people in their ups and downs.

Develop the art of listening because everyone wants to share their feelings and emotions.

When we are overpowered by guilt, we lose our confidence and find fault without ourselves. The only solution here is stop repeating the mistake and if possible try to rectify it.
Have faith, everything will pass and will be okay. Such a simple sentence can give ray of hope to the depressed.