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How Sage Vyasa got the name Krishna Dwaipayan Vyasa?

The original name of Sage Vyasa, the author of Mahabharata, is Krishna Dwaipayan Vyasa. The word Vyasa means split, differentiates, or describe and he gets this name after He divided the Vedas in four: Rik, Yajus, Saman, and Atharva. But the actual name of the sage is Krishna Dwaipayan.
He was born of Satyavati, a fisher woman, and the wandering sage Parashara, who was the grandson of Sage Vasistha. Satyavati later married Shantanu.
Vyasa's complexion was dark and therefore he was referred as Krishna and the couple had the child on one the islands (dwipa) of YamunaRiver. That is how he got the name Krishna Dwaipayan. The island was covered by Badara (Indian jujube) trees, so he was also known as Badarayana.
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Story of Origin of Apsaras

Apsaras are stunningly beautiful celestial damsels. They are the dancers and singers of heaven. The story of the origin of Apsaras is mentioned in the Puranas and they appeared during the Samudra Manthana – Churning of Ocean.

Urvashi, Rambha, Tilottama, Kratusthala, Punjikasthala, Menaka, Sahajanya, Pramlocha, Anumlocha, Chritachi, Vishvachi, and Purvachiti are among the prominent Apsaras.
Churning of the Kshira Sagara, the celestial MilkyOcean, was performed by Devas and Demons to acquire Amrita (Nectar of immortality). Devas and Asuras faced numerous difficulties and they were solved by Vishnu and Shiva.
Finally, churning proved successful and one after the other numerous things appeared. Apsaras were the seventh to appear from the churning. They then became the dancers and singers in the court of Devas.
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Singapore Fire Walking Festival 2017 date – Theemidhi Ritual at Sri Mariamman Temple in Singapore 2017

Fire Walking Festival 2017 date as per Singapore Hindu Endowments Board. The annual Fire Walking Festival at the SriMariammanTemple in Singapore attracts thousands of Hindu devotees, especially Tamilians from Singapore, India, and Malaysia. Singapore Fire Walking Festival 2017 date is October 8, Sunday. The Theemidhi Ritual is dedicated to Queen Draupadi of Mahabharata who is worshiped as Draupadi Amman in Tamil Culture.

Update - Watch Fire Walking Festival live online

Devotees perform the Theemidhi ritual for their wishes and prayers fulfilled by the Mother Goddess. Thousands of devotees have had their wishes fulfilled after praying at the SriMariammanTemple.
The main ritual during the fire walking ceremony involves walking over a four-meter pit of burning coal specially prepared at the MariammanTemple. The chief priest of SriMariammanTemple after special prayers and pujas walks over the burning coal and he is followed by those devotees who wish to take part in the ritual. Devotees …

Bliss is always with us but unfortunately we never realize it

Obsession is a mental disorder. It causes only discomfort.
Instead of worrying over little things go out and have fun.
It is true we failed a couple of times. Now try with a happier and positive frame of mind. We will not fail.
The journey for peace and happiness is often undertaken in the wrong direction. The right direction for this journey is to the inside not outside.  
Bliss is always with us but unfortunately, we never realize it. Abhilash