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Hinduism Founder - Why Hinduism Has No Founder?

Hinduism believes in the concept of Brahman – the Supreme Being which is present in all animate and inanimate objects. Therefore it is not founded by any human being or prophet. It is also not an organized religion and therefor it has no founder.

Hinduism is based on universal truth and it applies in humans, animals and non-living everywhere. This universal truth was realized by the great Rishis or seers. Perhaps by a single Rishi or by several Rishis in several places. The Rishis were not confined to any age or place.
What they realized was that there is nothing outside the creator - in simple terms the creator is present in everything. The numerous gods and goddesses in Hinduism are representation of that eternal truth.
The great lineage of the Rishis continues and I and you all are part of it. But we need to realize it. Interestingly, the word 'Hinduism’ does not appear anywhere in Hindu scriptures. The true name for Hinduism is ‘Sanatana Dharma’ and Sanatana means ‘eternal…

Kumar Poornima 2018 in Orissa - Full moon day or Poornima in Ashwin Month

Kumar Purnima is observed on the full moon day in Ashwin month in Orissa. Kumar Poornima 2018 date is October 24. The festival is dedicated to Kumar or Kartik, the first son of Lord Shiva. Young woman observe special pujas and rituals on the day, which are mainly dedicated to Lord Surya and Lord Chandra. The festival is also known as Kuanra Punein as the full moon is worshipped on the day by offering puffed paddy. The festival is also famous for night long community games and is also seen as an opportunity for young girls and young men to mingle each other.

Kumar, popularly known as Lord Muruga or Lord Kartik, is the most handsome among the Gods in Hindu pantheon and he is also the commander of the army of Devas. According to Oriya tradition, Kumar Purnima is the birthday of Lord Kartik. Unmarried girls worship him on the day to get good and handsome husbands.

In some regions, Goddess Lakshmi is propitiated from the day for a week and it is known as Gajalaxmi puja.

The rituals and p…

Kojagari Lakshmi Puja Katha – Story of Kojagari Laxmi Purnima Puja

Kojagari Lakshmi Puja is an important puja and worship of Goddess Lakshmi on the full moon day in the month of Ashwin in Bengal and eastern parts of India. The day is observed as Kojagari Purnima in other regions. A popular Kojagari Lakshmi Puja Katha is listened to on the day. The story explains the importance and greatness of Kojagari Laxmi Vrat.

Legend has it that once there lived a generous and honest king who for the welfare of artisans in his kingdom made it a point that all unsold goods during the weekly market day would be bought by the king.

Once the king bought an iron statue of Alakshmi, Goddess of poverty, which was unsold during the weekly market. The king placed the statue in the puja room in the palace. That night the king heard a woman crying.

The sound of crying was coming from the puja room. King found that a beautiful woman was sitting and crying inside the puja room.
On enquiry the king came to know that the woman was Goddess Lakshmi and she was crying because she …

Atla Taddi 2018 date

Atla Taddi is observed by married and unmarried women in Andhra Pradesh in the month of Ashwin. Atla Taddi 2018 date is October 27. On Atla Thaddi day, prayers are offered to Goddess Gauri (Parvati) for the welfare and long life of husbands by married women. Unmarried women pray for a good life partner.

Atla Taddi fast is observed on the day from sunrise to sunset. Women and unmarried girls eat food before sunrise on the day. Gauri Puja is performed in the evening.

The fast is broken in the evening by consuming specially prepared dosas with gooseberry chutney and other dishes.

A major highlight of the festival is women playing on swings and engaging in other games. Applying Mehndi on hands is compulsory on the day.

During the same period Karva Chouth is observed in North India.

How to observe Atla Taddi?

Keep it simple – key to success and happiness in life

Do not complicate matters. Keep it simple – key to success and happiness in life.

Those of us who are having a complex lifestyle will find peace, joy and bliss if we can shed complexity and adapt simplicity.

To make life complex is easy. Simplicity is a tough challenge in the beginning. But if we can make it a habit; then our life will become heavenly.

Simplifying life means not to stop working. It simply means knowing what we really want. Having only what which is essential for us.
Focus on the basics. Focus on the present. Reduce to noise in the head. Control desire. Life will automatically become simple.