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Budhi Thakurani Temple at Angul in Odisha

Budhi Thakurani Temple nestles on the side of Sunasagad hill in Angul town in Odisha. The murti of Ma Budhi Thakurani worshipped in the temple is very old. Angul Budhi Thakurani Temple is located at Mishrapada area of the town and is around 4 km from Angul Railway Station. Angul Stadium is near the shrine. The murti or idol of Goddess Budhi Thakurani worshipped in the temple is in the shape of a pillar and is made of black granite stone. The murti is lavishly decorated with flowers, garlands, crown and ornaments. Only the face of the murti is visible to devotees. The Goddess is associated with tribal worship. The main offering to the deity is vermilion. The temple is also associated with tantric worship. People from far and nearby places arrive daily to offer puja and worship here. It is believed that after having darshan of Budhi Thakurani people have their desires fulfilled. She is also worshipped for good harvest, early cure from diseases, healthy children, victo