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Navratras – Navratri in Gujarat

Navaratra – the nine-day festival of Navratri – is one of the most important festivals in Gujarat. In 2017, Navratras begin on September 21. Navaratri here is popularly noted for the Dandiya Dance performance during the nine nights. Numerous pujas and rituals also take place during the nine-day period, which begins on the first day of Gujarati month Ashwin. Nine aspects of Durga is worshipped during the period and women wear nine different colors of Saris or dress. Nine different colours symbolically represent the nine different aspects of Mother Goddess.
The most important ritual during Navaratras in Gujarat is the sowing of barley on a mud bed on the first day of Navratra. The barley seeds will become shoots and attain around 3-inch length by the tenth day (Vijaya Dasami) and it is distributed among friends and relatives.

Navratri at Jagdamba Devi Mandir at Darwha in Yavatmal – Ambadevi Temple at Kelapur

One of the most popular Shakti temples in Maharashtra is located at Kelapur in Darwha in Yavatmal District. The temple is popularly known as AmbadeviTemple and is also occasionally referred as Jagdamba Devi Mandir. The 2017 Navratri festival at KelapurAmbadeviTemple is from September 21 to September 30, 2017. The 9-day annual Navratri festival attracts thousands of people to this popular Shakti Shrine in eastern Maharashtra.

Goddess Amba, or Ambaji, is one of the popular names of Goddess Durga and the name is widely used in western parts of India. Amba means mother and she is Goddess Shakti.

Rural rituals associated with Goddess Shakti and Durga are performed during the nine-day period at DarwhaJagdambaDeviTemple.

Real cause of suffering is unwanted desires

Real cause of suffering is unwanted desires

Those desires that give rise to anger, lust and greed should be shunned.

We cannot escape from desire. It is always present. But one should have firm control over desire.

The door to liberation opens when we have command over our desires.

The root cause for all suffering is unnecessary desires.

Majority of our desires are for impermanent things.
Never ending desire for impermanent things is due to ignorance.

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