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Story Of Kalindi – Wife Of Sri Krishna

Story of Kalindi, wife of Sri Krishna, is found in the 10 Skanda of Srimad Bhagavad Purana. Kalindi was one of the wives of Sri Krishna. One day Sri Krishna and Arjuna went on a hunting excursion to the side of the Yamuna. Here they saw a beautiful girl. Arjun asked her who she was. The beautiful maiden replied: “I am Kalindi, daughter of Surya, the sun god. I am performing intense austerities to get Vishnu as my husband. I will continue with my Tapas and I shall have no other man as my husband.” She also informed Arjuna that she resides in the water of Yamuna in the palace built by her father for her. She will reside in it until she meets Krishna. Krishna immediately informed Krishna about the girl. Krishna took her to Indraprastha. Later Krishna took her in his chariot to Dwaraka and duly married her. Krishna and Kalindi had ten children.

Chaurasi Vaishnavon Ki Varta – Life Stories of 84 Vaishnavas

Chaurasi Vaishnavon ki varta is a medieval text associated with the Pushti Sect, dedicated to the devotion of Krishna. It contains the biographical details of eighty four saints, poets and devotees of Pushti sect of Mahaprabhu Vallabacharya. The text is in prose and is in Braja language. The text was composed by a disciple of Vithalanatha, son of Vallabacharya. This is a valuable text as it contains information about the social situations and the attacks on Hindu culture, temples and sacred places by invaders. It also glorifies the great saints of Pushti sect. It narrates the efforts undertaken by saints, poets and devotees to preserve their tradition from invaders.