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Why Ramayana is known as Dirgha Saranagati Sastra?

Ramayana is also known as a work on the discipline of surrender – Dirgha Saranagati Sastra. The main characters in the epic reflect this concept.

Devas surrender to Lord Vishnu. They pray for freedom from Demons or Rakshasas.

Dasharatha surrenders to Sage Rishyasringa to conduct a yajna for begetting children.

Sage Vishwamitra surrenders before Bhagavan Sri Ram for eliminating Rakshasas.

Lakshmana and Mata Sita surrender to Bhagavan Sri Ram for accompanying him to the forest.

Bharata surrenders and gets Rama’s paduaka or sandals for ruling Ayodhya.

Sage of Dandakaranya surrenders before Lord Ram for eliminating Rakshasas.

Sugriva surrenders before Rama for serving the Lord and gaining back his kingdom.

Raksasis (attendants deputed by Ravana) surrenders before Mata Sita.

Vibhishana surrenders before Sri Ram.

Ravana before dying surrenders before Sri Ram.

Mata Sita surrenders to Bhumata to prove her purity.

This concept of Dirgha Saranagati Sastra or Samanadhikarnya is a concept followed by certain Vaishnava community in South India.