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Shalokya – The Abode of Shiva for a Devotee to Attain

Shalokya is a concept in Shaiva Siddhanta. It envisages a four-fold path for a devotee to annihilate evil influence and to elevate the atma to attain bliss or the abode of Shiva. The four-fold path are:

Charya Marga – In this path, devotees take care of the temples and sacred places of Lord Shiva.

Kriya Marga – praising the glory of Shiva in temples and sacred places.

Yogic Marga – is an advanced stage of spiritual experience, in which the devotee finds the entire universe to be equal.

Jnana Marga – is reaching the highest through negation of that which is not truth.

Through one of the above said path, a devotee freely moves into a new domain called Shalokya – Shiva’s abode. The enchantments of this world caused by Maya are annihilated in the abode of Paramatma.