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Story - Marriage of Goddess Padmavati And Venkateswara

Story of the marriage of Goddess Padmavati with Lord Venkateswara is closely associated with the origin of Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple. Goddess Lakshmi unable to bear the insult meted out by Sage Bhrigu to Lord Vishnu left Vaikunta. She was born on earth as Padmavati, the daughter of Aksharaja, a Tondaimandalam King.

Padmavati grew up into a beautiful and talented girl. While playing in the Tirupati forests with her friends, she saw a young man on horseback. On being questioned, he revealed himself as Krishna, son of Vasudeva and Devaki. The young man was Vishnu himself.

He realized that the maiden was Goddess Lakshmi and came near her with amorous intentions. However, this upset Padmavati. The young man withdrew to his abode in the Tirumala hills and pined for Padmavati.

Vakulamalika, mother of Tirupati Balaji on earth, was aware that her son was none other than Vishnu himself. She decided to meet the king and, on her way, met Padmavati’s friends and learned from them that the princess was deeply in love with Venkateswara.

Vakulamalika then met Aksharaja, father of Padmavati, and apprised him of the situation and the real identity of her son.

The king and queen were happy at this fortunate turn of events.

The wedding of Padmavati and Venkateswara was celebrated in a grand manner. Brahma, Shiva and other deities participated in the festivities. The king presented bridegroom with a pair of Naga Jewels, which are supposed to be worn by the deity even today.