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Purnima September 2017 Time and Date – Full Moon Day in Hindu Calendar in September 2017

Purnima is the full moon day in a traditional Hindu lunar calendar. In September 2017, the date of Purnima is September 6.  The Purnima fasting is marked on September 5. The time of Poornima tithi is from 12:40 PM on September 5 to 12:32 PM on September 6. The Purnima in September 2017 is the Bhadrapad Purnima in most regions. In Tamil Calendar, it is the Puratassi Purnima. Fasting and taking a dip in holy are the main religious practice for Hindus on the day.
Shradh Rituals – Pitru Paksha Shradh – begins from September 6. Those observing Purnima Shradh must perform it on September 6. Pratipada Shradh or first day of the Shradh is also observed on the day in some regions.

Some Hindu communities observe fast on Purnima day. Special pujas and rituals are performed in many temples.
The day is also the last day in the Bhadrapad month in the traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India.

Kalpataru in Hindu Tradition – A Tree That Fulfills Wishes

Kalpataru is a wish fulfilling tree mentioned in Puranas. According to Hindu tradition, this tree appeared during the churning of ocean, or Samudra Manthan, by Devas and Asuras. The tree has not yet been identified and is believed to exist in the celestial word or the realm of the Devas.

Kalpataru is also known as Kalpavriksha, Kalpadruma, Surataru, Kalpalata, Kalpasakshi and Kalpapadapa.

Information about Kalpataru is found in the Agni Purana, Bhagavad Puran, Brahmanda Purana, Matsya Purana and Vayu Purana.

Kalpataru is also one of the Pancha Vriksha – five trees in the garden of Indra.
Lakshmi Ganapati form of Ganesha holds a branch of Kalpataru in one of his hands.

Importance of Bathing in Narmada River in Hinduism

Bathing in the Narmada River is considered highly meritorious in Hinduism. The importance of bathing in Narmada River is mentioned in the Matsya Purana. It is said that one gets redemption from sin by bathing for three years in Saraswati River; for seven days in Yamuna River; for one day in Ganga River. However, it is said that the mere sight of Narmada absolves one of all sins.

It is believed that person who bathes in Narmada River attains rudraloka (the realm of Shiva).

To explain the holiness of Narmada, it is said in Matsya Purana that the tree growing on her banks are liberated from cycle of birth and rebirth.
In Puranas, Narmada River is also known as Vishalya or healer of wounds. Puranas extols her medicinal properties.

Life is the greatest of all teachers and this earth is its school – Swami Sivananda

The body is like a bubble. It will pass away at any moment, even without your notice. Enquire into the nature of Brahman or the Infinite. Meditate on the Self and attain Immortal Bliss.

Life is the greatest of all teachers and this earth is its school. Truly, the world is the best school. All its lessons are taught through the Book of Nature. Nature everywhere abounds with such lofty lessons which alone are quite sufficient to bestow the highest wisdom to man.

Each day is a valuable page in this book and each thing and natural phenomenon embodies a lesson to one who observes and reflects.
Truth is one though the methods to its approach are many.
– Swami Sivananda