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Khandeshwar Mahadev in Ujjain – Story of Khandeshwar Form of Shiva – 31st Shiva Temple in Ujjain

Khandeshwar Mahadev is worshiped in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the 84 forms of Shiva worshiped in Ujjain. It is believed that those worshipping Khandeshwar will have desire fulfillment. The temple dedicated to Khandeshwar Mahadev is located at Khilchipur in Ujjain. This form of Shiva is associated King Bhadra Shiv. Khandeshwar Mahadev is counted among the 84 Shiva Temples in Ujjain and it is the 31st temple visited during the parikarama of Shivalayas here. Story of Khandeshwar Mahadev form of Shiva in Ujjain Legend has it that there lived a king named Bhadrashiv. He happened to hear the story of his previous life from Sage Agastya. He learned that he was born as a king due to the blessing of Shiva. The king then went to Mahakaal Vana, present day Ujjain, and performed Khand Vrat. The king attained boons of Moksha from Shiva due to observing the Vrat. As the king observed Khand Vrat to the Shivling it came to be known as Khandeshwar Mahadev.

Cherukunnu Sri Annapoorneshwari Temple - Story - Facts - History - Festival

Sri Annapoorneshwari Temple at Cherukunnu is one of the 108 Durga Temples in Kerala. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Annapoorneshwari, who is the goddess of food and prosperity. But the main deity worshipped in the temple is Maha Vishnu. Cherukunnu Village is located around 7 km from Pappinisseri. Maha Vishnu is known as Kannapurathappan. The murti of Goddess Annapoorna was consecrated much later and she is known as Cherukunnil Amma. The darshanam of both the deities is towards east. Cherukunnu Sri Annapoorneshwari Temple Story Legend has it that Goddess Parvati once heard about the prosperous Kolathunadu (northern Kerala) and wanted to visit the place. She arrived on a golden ship built by Vishwakarma, the divine architect. The king requested Goddess Parvati to bless the people of the land. Mother Goddess then assumed the form of Goddess Annapoorneshwari and settled down in the forecourt of the Sri Krishna Temple at Cherukunnu. It is said that once a poor man who was hungr