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Dwarapalakas in Hindu Temples

Dwarapalakas are sculptural representations of gatekeepers at the entrance of Hindu temples. Dwarapalaka resemble bhutas, or demons, with two big hands. They hold a mace or gada in one hand. They have protruding canine teeth.

Sometimes Dwarapalakas have four arms and they hold symbols associated with Shiva or Vishnu.

There are also female Dwarapalakas – they usually guard the entrance of shrines dedicated to Mother Goddess.

Some of the names of Dwarapalakas are Chanda, Prachanda, Jaya, Vijaya, Harabhadra and Subhadra.

Jaya and Viaya were the guards in Vaikunta. Due to curse, they were born on earth as demons.

The guards may be positioned in the second, third or fifth doorway that opens into the shrine.

In standing posture, the right leg of dwarapalakas is shown as placed straight on a pedestal, while the left one is slightly bent. Some of the other postures include: With legs and back partly turned to the front.Hands resting on the thigh which is bent in the shape of a ploughBoth hand…

Vir Pasli Festival in Gujarat

Vir Pasli is a festival similar to Raksha Bandhan and is observed in the Shravan month in Gujarat. It is observed on the first Sunday of the Sawan month. Although not widespread, the rituals on the day are strictly observed by certain communities. The ritual is also known as Veerpasali. Shravan month in Gujarat in 2017 is from July 24 to August 21.

On the day, sister ties a sacred thread on her brother’s wrist. He vows to protect her. Brothers visit their married sister’s home on the day and perform the ritual.

Please note that there is some confusion regarding the date of Vir Pasli, some people are claiming that the ritual is observed on the first Saturday of Shravan month.

Life is a continual process of synthesis, and not of additions – Rabindranath Tagore

The quality of the infinite is not the magnitude of extension, it is in the Advaitam, the mystery of Unity. Fact occupy endless time and space; but the truth comprehending them all has no dimension; it is One. Wherever our heart touches the One, in the small or the big, it finds the touch of the infinite.

What is the truth of this world? It is not in the masses of substance, not in the number of things, but in their relatedness, which neither can be counted, nor measured, nor abstracted.

Growth is the movement of a whole towards a yet fuller wholeness. Living things start with this wholeness from the beginning of their career. A child has its own perfection as a child; it would be ugly if it appeared as an unfinished man. Life is a continual process of synthesis, and not of additions.
Forms are many, forms are different, each of them having its limits. But if this were absolute, if all forms remained obstinately separate, then there would be a fearful loneliness of multitude. But the…