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Story of Cauvery as Wife of Sage Agastya

River Cauvery, which is known as the Ganga of the South, is associated with Sage Agastya. The popular story has it that Sage Agastya brought River Ganga from north and it became Kaveri River in South. In Karnataka, there is a story, which suggests that Cauvery was the wife of Sage Agastya. Sri Kavera Maharshi, who had no children, performed intense austerities to get a child. Brahma blessed the Saint with a girl child. The child was Lopamudra, who was a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti.

Kaveri Rishi named her Cauvery and brought her up with all affection, care and devotion at his Ashram in the Brahmagiri Hills.

One day, Sage Agastya, a manifestation of Shiva, reached the ashram of Kavera Maharshi. Here he happened to see the young Cauvery. He was impressed by her beauty and devotion.

Sage Agastya sought her hand in marriage.

Cauvery agreed to marry the saint only if he promised that he would never leave her alone for a long duration. The Sage agreed to the condition and the m…

Rukmini Devi Temple at Dwarka

Rukmini Devi Temple at Dwarka in Gujarat is dedicated to Goddess Rukmini Devi, consort of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. The temple is located at Bet Dwarka and is around 2 km from the famous Dwarakadish Jagat Temple. The original temple is believed to be more than 2,500 years old. The current structure was built in the 12 century.

The main murti worshipped in the temple is that of Goddess Rukmini.

The temple is noted for its paintings, sculptures of god and goddesses in Hindu pantheon. Another highlight here is the carved human and animal figures.

Story of Rukmini Devi Temple A popular legend has it that it is due to a curse by Sage Durvasa that the Dwarakadish temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna, and Rukmini Devi Temple at Dwarka are 2 km apart. Once, Krishna and Rukmini were pulling the chariot of Sage Durvasa. Rukmini Devi was tired and thirsty. To quench her thirst, Lord Krishna made a mark on earth with his thumb and Ganga River appeared from the mark to quench the thirst of Rukmini Devi.