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Story – How Drona and Drupada Became Enemies in the Mahabharata?

Drona and Drupada were great friends during their childhood days. However, they later became enemies. This is an important story in the Mahabharata and it had far reaching consequences. Drona and Drupada were students of Bharadwaja. During the time of education both Drupada and Drona became great friends. Drupada was the son of King Prsata, who ruled Panchala. Drona was a poor Brahmin. When they were students, Drupada had promised Drona that he would help him financially when he becomes the king of Panchala. After education, both returned to their respective places. Drona became a great archer but remained poor. He got married and had a son, Ashwathama. He found it difficult to make both ends meet. Fed up with poverty, Drona one day approached Drupada who was now the king of Panchala. However, King Drupada did not care to recognize Drona as a friend. When Drona tried to remind him of their friendship, Drupada insulted him. Drona then vowed to avenge the insult.

Deoghar Tapovan Mandir in Jharkhand

Tapovan Mandir is nestled in a quiet and serene spot near Deoghar in Jharkhand. The temple is around 10 km from Deoghar town. Deoghar Tapovan is located at an altitude of 500 feet atop a hill. This has been a place of meditation for thousands of years. There are numerous legends associated with the place. The popular belief is that demon King Ravana performed austerities here to take Lord Shiva to Lanka. Devas then took the help of Hanuman to disturb the austerities of Ravana. A huge stone broken by Hanuman into two to disturb the meditation of Ravana can be found in the temple complex. Legend has it that Bhagavan Sri Ram, Mata Sita and Lakshman stayed on the hill during their exile period in the Ramayan. Sage Valmiki is also believed to have stayed and meditated here. During 19 th century, a saint named Balananda Brahmachari performed intense tapas for more than 50 years here. He worshiped Lord Shiva. He is believed to have had darshan of Shiva here. People believe tha