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Thoughts on Restlessness

Desires, likes, dislikes, opinions etc, cause mental restlessness. The only solution to this restlessness is to see the bigger picture and become spiritual. To see the Supreme Truth in all living and nonliving. When we realize there is nothing called individual soul but only Supreme soul mental restlessness will disappear.

Sometimes we feel restless about the place or atmosphere we are in. The ideal solution is to move away from the place or atmosphere for at least a short period. If possible move away for a longer period. This will usher in positive change and the restlessness will disappear.

Emotional restlessness is caused due to ignorance. When you search for happiness outside it will end in unhappiness. This causes emotional problems and outbursts. Stop searching for happiness outside and look within to solve emotional restlessness.

Restlessness in the physical body is due to eating the wrong food or due to eating less food. Eat in moderation. Never gorge what we like. The foo…