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Significance of the use of camphor in Hindu pujas and worship

Burning camphor is an important feature of Hindu pujas and worship. The use camphor in prayers and ritual is symbolic. Camphor represents the human personality with Vasanas or attributes. When physical desires represented by solid camphor is burnt and evaporates, the essential fragrance emerges leaving no residue – symbolically it shows the merging of individual soul with the supreme soul.

Atman plus vasanas plus the mahabhutas constitutes human beings. The Vasanas are burnt symbolically. This leaves behind the self-effulgent Atman.
The burning produces light too, which represents the destruction of avidya, which bind us to the objects of desire.

Source - Saptagiri December 2005 issue - article titled Rituals by Velandy Manohar

Kali Khoh Temple at Vindhyachal in Mirzapur

Kali Khoh is an ancient cave temple dedicated to Goddess Kali at Vindhyachal in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. Kali Khoh temple is part of the Trikon Parikrama or Yatra of three temples here. The other twi are Maa Vindhyavasini Temple and Maa Ashtabhuja Devi Temple.
Goddess Kali Khoh is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti and she appeared to annihilate Adharma.
Kali Khoh Temple is around 2 km from Maa Vindhyavasini Temple. Murti of Maa Kali is in a small cave shrine, which has been modified. The murti is a black stone with two ever-alert eyes scanning her devotees.
Trikon Parikrama – The temple of the three goddesses form the three corners of a triangle, and the area encompassed by the triangle is like a yantra. Devotees visit all the three shrines in a day.
Devotees offer prayers here for peace, prosperity and to overcome fear and enemies.
Tantric aspirants seeking results of a magical nature seek Goddess Kali at Kali Khoh.

Kerala Temple Fireworks Show Tragedy April 11, 2016 – 107 dead – Do We Care?

Tragedy struck during a fireworks show at Puttingal Devi Temple at Paravur, south of Kollam in Kerala on April 11, 2016. 107 dead and counting. – Do We Care?

Sincere and deepest condolence to the bereaved. Heartfelt condolence to the suffering families. Prayers for the speedy recovery of the injured ones.

Do we Hindus care about the lives of our brothers and sisters? The official apathy and callous attitude shown towards crowd management during Hindu festivals is nothing new. Have we ever bothered to ask why there is always poor crowd-control techniques and planning by the temple authorities during Hindu festivals?

Huge amount of money is collected in the name of festivals from shopkeepers, business people and common people. What is this money used for?

This is not the first time a tragedy has struck in a Hindu temple.

Wai Temple Stampede in Maharashtra in 2005 – 265 dead Madhya Pradesh Ratangarh Temple – 50 pilgrims had got washed away falling in panic into the Sindh River Naina Dev…

The Essence of All Sadhanas – Swami Sivananda

Purify the mind and the heart. Conquer the cravings and passions. Control the senses. Discipline the thoughts and the sentiments. Cultivate noble qualities. Fill yourself with lofty divine virtues – a the Daivi-Sampatti. Be truthful, pure, compassionate, honest and contented. Live a life of unblemished spotless character, simplicity, austerity, devotion, piety and worshipfulness. Rejoice in the happiness of others. Get rid of envy, jealousy, petty-mindedness and rivalry. See god in all beings. Feel His divine presence everywhere. Remember Him constantly. Repeat His name always, and in all conditions. Do good acts constantly. Lead a life of goodness. This is the essence of all Sadhanas and Religions
– Swami Sivananda