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Uthralikavu Pooram 2024 Date – Sri Ruthira Mahakalikavu Temple Pooram Festival

Uthralikavu Pooram is the annual festival observed in Sri Ruthira Mahakalikavu Temple in Thrissur District in Kerala. Uthralikkavu Pooram 2024 date is February 27. The famous pooram festival in the shrine is observed on the second Tuesday in Kumbham month. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Kali. The temple is located at Paruthipra near Wadakkanchery.  Uthralikavu Pooram is one of the famous Vela festivals in Central Kerala. The kodiyettam or flag hoisting at Uthralikavu temple takes place on the pooram festival day at Thiruvanikkavu temple, which is around 4 km from Uthralikavu. The belief is that the deities worshipped in Uthralikavu and Thiruvanikkavu are sisters. The flag hoisting takes place on the Tuesday after the first Friday in Kumbham month. The festival concludes on the next Tuesday. The famous Uthralikavu Pooram and numerous other rituals and festivities take place on the last day of the eight day festival. Three deshams – Enkakkad, Wadakkanchery and Kumaranellur – s

Story of Chandesa – an ardent devotee of Shiva who became a Gana

Story of Chandesa, an ardent devotee of Shiva, who became a Gana is a popular legend from South India . Shiva blessing Chandesa is popular sculpture at the Gangaikonda Cholapuram temple in Tamil Nadu. Young Vicharasarman lived with his father, Yajnadatta, and mother, Kasyapagotra, in Seynalur Village on the banks of Manni River in Chola country. One day Young Vicharasarman witnessed a cowherd brutally beating a cow. Incensed at the behavior , the young boy took upon himself the duty of tending the cows of the village. From that day the cows became happy and began to yield more milk than before. Vicharasarman seeing that the extra milk was wasted collected it and offered it to Shivling made of sand. The cowherd who had lost his job due to Young Vicharasarman complained about him wasting milk on sand mounds to villagers. At first the villagers did not bother about the complaint as they were receiving their regular quota of milk from their cows. One day Yajna

Natural Holi Colors Using Temple Flowers by Avacayam – Society for Child Development

Avacayam collects used flowers from bulk users like temples and hotels and converts it to consumer products that are deeply embedded in our culture like Holi color, Rangoli, Agarbati while employing people with disability along the entire supply chain. Avacayam program is a skill development and income generating program for persons with disability and a movement of environment conservation. Our mission is to support people with disability improve their income. For this to happen in a sustained manner and to slowly work towards ending this inequality Avacayam require your involvement and support. Each time you buy the products made by the 4869 persons with disability working in 6 states of India, you help in ending the grinding cycle of poverty. Temple Flower Colors: Rs 60 per 100 grams. Colors available: Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green and Blue Address Shivam Manas Society for Child development, D-13, Kamla Nagar, Delhi-110007 Ph:9968353865 Find more about