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Story of Sri Krishna and Giant Crane

To kill infant Krishna , Kamsa had deputed several demons. One of them took the form a Giant Crane and tried to kill Sri Krishna. The demon who took the form of Crane was called Baka (Bakasura) and he was the sister of Putana, who had earlier failed in her attempt to harm Krishna by feeding poisoned breast milk. Baka took the form of a giant crane and carried Sri Krishna away in his beak. He then attempted to swallow Krishna . To escape from the throat of the bird, Sri Krishna produced intense heat. The bird felt as if it had swallowed burning coal. The bird threw infant Krishna out. Then the bird attempted to kill Sri Krishna by biting. But Krishna caught hold of the beak and tore it apart. He thus killed demon Baka.

Story of Ganesha as Mayureshwar

Ganesha appeared as Mayureshwar in the Treta Yuga. This is one of the Swayambhu forms of Ganesh. Legend has it that Goddess Parvati wished to have a son. Shiva asked her to meditate chanting the mantra ‘GAM.’ Goddess Parvati meditated in the Lenyadri hills chanting the mantra for 12 years. Ganapati then appeared before her and granted her the boon that He will be born as her son. In due course of time Ganesha was born to Goddess Parvati. Once child Ganesha pushed a large egg down from a mango tree, and when he did so, the egg cracked and out came a peacock. He made the peacock his vehicle and came to be known as Mayureshwar. The purpose of Swayambhu (that which appeared by itself) Mayureshwar was to annihilate Demon Sindhu who had attained great powers after getting boons from Surya, the sun god. Sindhu got the boon to rule the three worlds and was given amrita – nectar of immortality in a bowl which was ever filled. Surya put the condition that if ever the bowl was br