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Anklets In Hindu Religion – Why Hindu Women Wear Anklets?

Anklets are an important ornament of Hindu women. It is a must for many communities in Hinduism. There are Hindu women who never appear in public without wearing anklets.

Anklets are usually made of silver or gold and are worn on the ankle which joins it to the toe. Some unmarried women wear a black thread on the right ankle.

It is believed that the silver anklets help in retaining positive energy.

Some people believe that it helps in providing relief from joint pains. This is not scientifically proved.

It is also believed that the sound made by the anklets alert people about the arrival of women – who can then behave appropriately and stop any indecent work they are doing.

It is again believed that the sound of anklets drive away negative energy.

A black thread worn on right leg is also to keep away bad elements.

Anklets are worn on both legs by Hindu women.