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Vaijayantimala of Hindu God Vishnu – Symbolism of Vaijayanti Mala Associated with Vishnu

Vaijayantimala is the necklace that Hindu God Vishnu wears around his neck. It is known as Pncharupa. Vaijayantimala is made of five kinds of precious gems. Symbolically it is the collective form of Panchatanmatras and Panchabutas.

The five gems that are part of it are pearl or moti, manik or ruby, maratagam or emerald, indranilam or blue sapphire and Hira or diamond.

The five gems also symbolizes the five elements – water, fire, earth, air and ether.

It must be noted here that Vaijayanti Mala is also made using five flowers.

The mala made using Vaijayanti seed found in Braj is also known as Vaijayantimala. It is believed that Sri Krishna made necklace out of the beads and presented it to Radha