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Importance of tying red, yellow, black threads on hand in Hinduism

Tying red threads on the wrist of right hand is considered highly meritorious and auspicious by many Hindus. The red thread or rakshasutra or charadu or Mauli has the blessing of the deity in a temple. The thread is tied after blessings of the deity and special pujas in a temple or sacred place. Different colors of thread are used like red, yellow, black and orange.

In North India, it is believed that the red thread brings fame, power and saves from evil.

When a person ties the red thread – Brahma blesses the person with fame, Vishnu bless the person with power and Shiva saves him from all evil.

In South India, people tie yellow, red, orange and black color threads.

Black color is believed to protect a person from all evil. It is also tied to overcome fear.

Threads is South India are mostly associated with Goddess Shakti temples especially Mariamman, Devi and Bhadrakali.