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Showing posts from November 6, 2015

Onam Pookalam 2007 – Photos of Onam 2007 Athapookalam

Photographs of onam pookalam taken in year 2007. Talk about Onam in Kerala and one of the first images that come to mind is that of the flower bed or floral (designs) arrangements known as Pookalam or Athapookalam. Onam Pookalam 2009 designs are given below. The traditional Onapookalam usually consists of ten rings indicating the ten day ritual during the ten day celebrations of Onam which begins on Atham and ends on Thiru Onam in the month of Chingam (August – September).  Related Onam Pookalam 2006 Onam Pookalam 2008

Book – English Translation of Brahmasutras – Adi Shankaracharya’s Commentary on the Chatuhsutri of Brahmasutra

Sri Veda Vyasa’s Brahmasutra is one of the principal texts of Advaita Vedanta that strings together the major thoughts presented in the Upanishads. Sri Shankarachrya’s detailed commentary is invaluable for understanding it. This particular book on the Brahmasutras is published by Chinmaya International Foundation, Academia of Sanskrit Research and Indology. Highlights of the book: Detailed, analytical and lucid commentary in English Access to the profound teachings of Sri Shankaracharya on the Brahmasutra Catuhsutri Copious citations from 10-sub commentaries on the Shankara bhashya Variant readings of the orginal compiled from 16 texts. There is a pre-publication offer on the book till November 21, 2015. To get more details Phone - +91-484-2749685 cifpublications@chinfo.org