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Importance of Parikrama in Hinduism - What is Parikrama in Hindu Religion?

Parikrama in Hinduism is the circumambulation of sacred Hindu pilgrimage centers and is performed for redemption from sins committed. The importance of Parikrama is mentioned in the Puranas and other scriptures. A Parikrama is undertaken by walking for several kilometers in a scared place. During the walk a devotee will pass through numerous temples and other sacred spots.

The most important Parikramas in Hindu religion are held at:
Nimsar Bithur Mathura Hari Parvat in Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir Girnar Hill in Junagarh Barda in Jamnagar Kashi – Varanasi Narmada Panchkoshi Padyatra Janakpur in Nepal
There are several different types of Parikramas. And this is mentioned in the Kashi Khanda of the Skanda Purana. There are daily, fortnightly, monthly and annual parikramas. There are also circumambulations that are performed only during special months like Chaitra, Vaishak, Kartik etc.
One of the most important Parikrama is the Panchakoshi Parikrama – a walk for 16 km covering various sp…

Varuni Yog March 2018 date and time – Mahavaruni Yoga – Varuni Parv

Varuni Yog, also referred as Mahavaruni Yoga or Varuni Parv, is a highly auspicious period for performing bathing rituals. Varuni Yog 2018 date is March 15. The time of the yog is from 5:12 PM to 5:20 PM
Varuni Yog is an auspicious Muhurta and is associated with Varuna, the Hindu Sea God. The muhurta is associated with the Shatabhishak Nakshatra.
It is an auspicious period to take holy bath in various Holy rivers. The time is also good to start travel.

Sarhul Festival – Sarhool Festival and Puja in Bihar and Jharkhand

Sarhool Festival is observed in Bihar and Jharkhand by Tribal people. On the day people offer pujas and prayers to village deities for a good agriculture season, plentiful forest, peace and prosperity. In 2018, Sarhul Festival is on March 18. It is also the New Year of the various tribes in the region.
The period is when new seeds are sown and there it is also the festival of sowing of seeds. The wedding season begins with the festival.

During this festival, people pray to elements of nature. A dance is performed around trees on the day.
Tribes all across Jharkhand and Bihar celebrate Sarhul with great enthusiasm.
A highlight of the festival is the traditional dances performed by men, women and children who are dressed up in colorful ethnic attires for the occasion.
A locally made beer from rice and tree leaves is consumed on the day.

How to make Gudi Flag for Gudi Padwa?

Gudi Flag is raised on the Maharashtrian New Year Day and it is known as Brahmadwaj. Raising the Gudi Flag on the early morning hours of Gudi Padwa marks the beginning of the Marathi New Year. It is observed on the first day of Chaitra month (March – April) in the lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra. How to make Gudi Flag? The Gudi is made of neem leaves, gaathis (Sweet made of jaggery), a copper pot, a piece of cloth and a long wooden stick.

A 5 to 10 feet long bamboo or any other wooden stick is taken and cleaned anda piece of silk or cotton cloth is tied at one end of the stick like a flag.
A copper or silver or steel or brass pot is placed on top of the Gudi.
A garland of flowers is placed on the top and is decorated with neem leaves. Some people tie jaggery sweet on the pole.
In some regions sugarcanes are placed around the pot.
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Bhagavad Gita Hold the Key to Living a Life of Purpose

An article titled ‘This Ancient Hindu Text May Hold the Key to Living a Life of Purpose’ by Carolyn Gregoire in The Huffington Post explores the teaching of Bhagavad Gita. She details five important modern-day life lessons from the Gita and also contains important comments on the Gita.
Here are five important modern-day life lessons from the ancient text that, in the words of Einstein, makes "everything else seem superfluous."
What goes around comes around.
A peaceful mind (and happiness) can be cultivated through practice.
It's how you act and treat people every day that matters.
It's important to question your habitual thoughts and attitudes.
Self-realization is the end and aim of human life.
You can read the entire article here at the The Huffington Post.

If you try to run away from your shadow, you will simply collapse due to exhaustion – Mata Amritanandamayi

The ability to retain equanimity of mind in all circumstances is what makes a successful life.
It doesn’t matter if one believes in God or not as long as he or she serves others.
If you try to run away from your shadow, you will simply collapse due to exhaustion. Face the difficulties of life through Love and faith.
Thoughtless words, non-discriminative actions, anger and impatience always create problems.
Mata Amritanandamayi