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Pulaheshwar – About Pulaheshwar Shivling

Pulaheshwar is a manifestation of Hindu God Shiva and information about this form is mentioned in the Kashi Khanda of the Skanda Purana. Pulaheshwar is the name given to the Shivling installed by Sage Pulaha at Kashi ( Varanasi ). The belief is that Shiva as boon agreed to reside in this Shivling. The general belief is that those who worship the Pulaheshwar form of Shiva will be blessed with intellect. Sage Pulaha is widely mentioned in the Puranas and Upanishads. It is believed that Sage Pulaha appeared from the Vital Breath of Brahma – This is mentioned in the Shiva Purana.

Male Mahadeswara Hills Route – Road Route From Mysore and Bangalore to the M M Hills Temple

Male Mahadeswara Hills is the abode of Shiva and Saint Mahadeswara. The Hills also known as M M Hills is the location of Male Mahadeswara Swami Temple .  Male Mahadeswara Hills Routes is given below. The road routes from Mysore and Bangalore are given in the google map embedded. The temple is located in Kollegal Taluk in Chamaraja Nagar District. The temple is around 80 km from Kollegal Town . Nearest Railway Station is Mettur in Tamil Nadu which is around 50 km from the temple. One has to take the State Highway 79 to reach the temple. Bangalore - Male Mahadeswara Route View Larger Map Mysore – Male Mahadeswara Route View Larger Map

Bhagavad Gita in Gujarati in mp3 audio for free download

This Bhagavad Gita mp3 audio in Gujarati is provided by the Yatharth Geeta website. Each 18 chapter of the Bhagavad Gita is divided into different mp3 files. The translation and explanation in Gujarati is provided by Shri Paramahansji Maharaj. The size of the files vary from 20 MB to 44 MB. You will have to download several files to get the complete Bhagavad Gita with commentary in Gujarati. Each chapter is divided into two separate files. All eighteen chapters are available for download. You can download  Bhagavad Gita MP3 in Gujarati here at yatharth geeta.

Rare Vishnu Murti in Single Stone at Purushottamar Temple in Ambasamudram in Tamil Nadu

A rare Vishnu murti in single stone is found at the Purushottamar Temple in Ambasamudram in Tamil Nadu. The single stone murti includes Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi, Garuda and Adi Sesha. The murti has eight arms and is in sitting posture. Right leg of Vishnu is placed on the right shoulder of Garuda.  Adisesha forms a canopy. But sadly the Purushottamar Temple is in a dilapidated condition and seeking attention from devotees. The Hindu reports  The style of the necklace carving seen on Purushottamar’s chest indicates that this temple could be at least 1,200 years old.  Another special feature is the three-tier Indira Vimana with Dasavathara carvings on the first, sculptures of Indira, Rudra, Brahmma and Hayagriva on the second and Kalasam on the third. Legend has it that a rishi used to walk a long distance to bring water for the Lord. One day, when the rishi fell ill and could not travel, Lord Purushottamar is believed to have created the Pongi Karai Theertham, South

Devotion to One Ideal Need Not Mean Hatred of Others

Devotion to one ideal need not mean hatred of others. In fact, that will be sheer fanaticism, which is not even remotely related to real devotion. A true devotee steers clear of this evil and, by his true devotion and acceptance of all faiths as true, stands out from a subscriber to a creed or a believer in a faith. A devotee does not nurse grievances against anyone. He tries to cultivate forbearance. A devotee is not afflicted by others, nor is he a source of affliction to others. The Gita uses the word udvega, which means affliction, disturbance or perturbation. Learning to offer his pleasure and pain to the object of his love, God, a devotee is not unduly perturbed in any situation. Again, since he does not take sides in an issue, having no axe to grind himself, he is never a cause of perturbation in others. Of course, if some people do not understand him he does not lose his sleepover it. Instead of trying to be good and pleasing to everyone, he tries to keep his mind