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Story of Creation Associated with Hindu God Shiva

The Kathasaritasagara narrates the story of creation associated with Shiva. Story of creation in Shaivism is different from that associated with Vaishnavism. Kathasaritasagara states once Shiva was asked in Ujjain as to why He loves skulls and cremation grounds.
Shiva then states the story of Him plucking the head of Brahma and late due to remorse deciding to roam with the skull.
But before narrating the incident, Shiva narrates the story of creation.
At the end of a cycle of creation or Kalpa, the earth is covered with water. Then to start the new cycle of creation, Shiva cuts open his thigh and drops a blood in the water which turns into an egg.
A man appears break opening the egg – He is referred as Pitamaha, the supreme father (Brahma). Shiva then creates Prakriti, the female principle.
They together then created Prajapatis, progenitors. They then gave rise to praja, living beings.
The mind of the first born is filled with pride on the act of creation. He ignores the suffering …

Few Lines of Wisdom from Sri Ramakrishna

As one who is standing by the brink of a deep well is always careful lest he should fall into it, even so should one living in the world be always on his guard against its temptations. He who has once fallen into the well of the world, so full of temptations, can hardly come out of it uninjured and stainless.
The true devotee…never thinks of himself. He is so full of the thought of God that his own self is forgotten. This body is only an instrument and an instrument really has no existence of its own, for it is wholly dependent on the one who uses it. Suppose a pen were conscious, it could say, ‘I have written hundreds of letters’, but actually it has done nothing, for the one who holds it has written the letters. So because we are conscious we think we are doing all these things, whereas, in reality we are as much an instrument in the hands of a Higher Power as the pen is in our hands and He makes all things possible.

The outer layers of cakes are made of rice flour, but inside they…