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Showing posts from February 20, 2014

Ardranandakari Tritiya Vrat – Dedicated to Goddess Bhavani

Ardranandakari Tritiya Vrat is observed on the Shukla Paksha Tritiya day in Ashada month and is dedicated to Goddess Bhavani. In 2023, the date of Ardranandakari Tritiya Vrat is June 21. One who observes the vrat will be blessed with peace, pleasure and prosperity. Worship on the day is offered to Goddess Bhavani and Shiva. Different names of Goddess Shakti are chanted on the day. Vegetarian food is eaten on the day. Worship involves Aarti, offering of white color flowers, fragrance and offering of white color sweet. After the completion of the Ardra Andakari Tritiya Vrat, one has to do donation of clothes to poor children and old people.

Ravana Will be Jain Tirthankara in Future After He Receives Enlightenment

Every soul is capable of self-realization. It is believed by Jains when the next set of 24 Tirthankara will appear on earth, Ravana, the demon king the Ramayana, will be one of them. Times of India reports  Tirthankaras are born as human beings who subsequently achieve enlightenment and show the world the right path. Their teachings form the Jain cannons. Mahavir is the last of the 24 reigning Tirthankaras, and Jain texts say that Ravan will be one of the 24 Tirthankaras in the next cycle, expected to come into force in roughly 84,000 human years.   It is believed that Ravan and the 23 other future Tirthankaras are still trapped in the cycle of birth and death, some even in hell. "When they receive enlightenment, all the world will know. There will be no illness or drought for miles from the place they are born, all species will be able to hear and understand them, a throne will magically emerge, there will be a shower of flowers and an aura will circle their heads,"

Searching For the Infinite While Infinite Is All Around Us

We are infinite we do not realize this, this fact is explained through a story. Once a small ocean fish went to an older fish and asked, ‘Excuse me, you are older than I, so can you tell me where to find this thing they call the ocean?’ ‘The ocean,’ said the older fish, ‘is the thing you are in now.’ ‘Oh! This? But this is just water. What I am seeking is the ocean,’ said the disappointed fish as it swam away to reach elsewhere.  The older fish exclaimed, ‘Oh little fish! What are you looking for? Just look!’ Living in the very ocean and searching for it! That is the irony of human situation — searching for the Infinite while infinite is all around us.