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Gyan Keshav – About Manifestation of Vishnu as Gyan Keshav

Gyan Keshav is a manifestation of Vishnu. This manifestation is associated with Knowledge. The popular belief is that those offering prayers to the murti form of Gyan Keshav will be blessed with good education. This form is also worshipped for attaining self realization through the knowledge that all animate and inanimate is Bhagvan Vishnu.
The murti of Gyan Keshav has four hands and is cream in color. The murti holds chakra, gada, shankh and lotus.
One of the important temples dedicated to Gyan Keshav is located in Varanasi. The temple is located on the banks of Holy River Ganga.
Students and those going for interviews, tests and examinations take the blessing of Gyan Keshav.

Download Umiya Mataji Songs and Prayers in mp3 audio for free

ShriUmiyaMatajiTemple at Unjha in Gujarat is one of the most popular temples dedicated to Goddess Umiya, who is the patron deity of Kadva Patidar community. The official temple website is offering seven songs and prayers of Umiya Mataji for free. You can download and save a copy of the songs.
Goddess Umiya is an incarnation of Goddess Shakti – she is believed to be Goddess Sati and Goddess Parvati (Uma).

You can find Goddess Umiya Mataji Songs and Prayers songs here.
In the website right click and save for downloading.

How NRIs and Foreigners Can Participate in the Annual Amarnath Yatra?

Non Resident Indians and Foreigners wishing to participate in the annual Amarnath Yatra should register at the Punjab National Bank, Circle Office, Jammu. They need to follow all the procedure that is to be followed by Indian devotees. These include:
Filled-in Application Forms which are found on official website of Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board.
Compulsory Health Certificate (formats of Application Form and Compulsory Health Certificate are available at the Board’s Website). Compulsory Health Certificate should have been issued by National Health Services of the country concerned after 1st February, 2014.
Scanned photograph.
Registration of Rs 500/- per Yatri (to be deposited in the Punjab National Bank: Swift Code: PUNBINBBJTS, Account Number 0794000101212056)
The intending pilgrim will have the choice of collecting the Yatra Permit from the designated branch of Punjab National Bank located at Jammu or Srinagar.
Registration of ex-India Pilgrims shall be subject to availability of …

How can one become free from lust completely? – Sri Ramakrishna Answers

Harinath (who later became Swami Turiyananda): How can one become free from lust completely?
To this Ramakrishna replied:

“why should it go, my boy? Give it a turn in the other direction.

What is lust? It is a desire to get.

So, desire to get God and strengthen this desire greatly.

The more you go towards East, the farther away you will be from the west.

The more you increase your love for God, the more your lust and anger will decrease.”
Source - God Lived with Them: Life Stories of Sixteen Monastic Disciples of Ramakrishna - By Swami Chetanananda