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Dhanik Muni – Story of Dhanik Muni the founder of Dhankas

Dhanik Muni is the founder of the Dhanka community. The popular belief is that Dhanaka Muni appeared during the Satya Yuga, the first of the four eons in Hinduism, to annihilate demons that were terrorizing the world and spreading Adharma.
Legend has it that frustrated at the plight of good people on earth, Mother Goddess Earth offered prays to Shiva. She requested him to put an end to the rule of demons.
Shiva was performing intense austerities when He heard the prayers. He opened His fiery eyes and looked at His Dhanus (bow). From it appeared a great warrior and Shiva named him Dhanik Muni.
The Muni went to Earth and annihilated all the demons and restored Dharma on earth. His weapon was the bow.
After finishing the divine mission, Dhanik Muni observed penance. His bow was transformed into a loom. He adopted the profession of weaving and his descendants and followers did the same.

Action taken after scrutiny results in peace – Shirdi Sai Baba

Bad thoughts separate you from others and make you forget the divinity. So you must combat evil thoughts arising in your mind.
As soon as thoughts come to you, you should not rush into action, but use your intelligence and arrive at a correct decision.
Action taken after scrutiny results in peace.
The root cause of fear in man is the absence of pure and sacred thoughts in his mind.
However learned and powerful a person be, if he is not virtuous, he will succumb to his weaknesses. Shirdi Sai Baba