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Five Sheaths or Vestures Covering Human Body as per Hindu Philosophy

As per Hinduism, there are five sheaths or vestures covering human body. This is an important aspect through which Hindu philosophy understand a human being. The five sheaths or vestures covering human body are: Annamaya Kosha or the sheath of food or the physical body. Pranamaya Kosha or the sheath of vital breaths or the animal body or the emotional sheath, the seat of desires, which a man has in common with all animals, in other words, the vital functions. The Manomaya Kosha or the sheath of mind, or the mental body or the rational soul, or the body that distinguishes man from the lower animals. The Vijnanamaya Kosha or Intuitional body. Anandamaya Kosha or Bliss body. It is with the mental body that a man performs sacrifices in order to go to heaven; and it is with the mental body that a man plans mischief to rob others of their possessions and to appropriate them himself. So this mental body is a double faced animal one face turned towards Dharma (like goodness

Bhujanga Devi Temple – Stones are offered by devotees at this Temple in Uttar Pradesh

Bhujanga Devi Temple is located at Naglabheekan village in Etwah District in Uttar Pradesh. Devotees offer stones here to get their wish fulfilled. Bhujanga Devi is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Durga. The murti of Bhujanga Devi worshipped in the temple is black in color and as a height of six feet. The temple is visited daily by more than 100 devotees and the small temple is surrounded by stones. The number of devotees swells during festivals and auspicious days like Navratri. Legend has it that a mentally challenged woman was cured by the Goddess when she offered stones to the deity. Black stones are widely offered to the deity.