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Vaidyanath Ashtakam Text in pdf in Hindi – Vaidyanatha Ashtakam Prayers Lyrics in Hindi

Vaidyanath Ashtakam prayer is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva. In the lyrics of the prayer Shiva is glorified as the god of the physicians. Shiva as Vaidyanath is the supreme physician. You can download the prayer text in Hindi in pdf format.
The prayer is chanted for attaining good health.
It is also chanted on Shivratri and Pradosh days.
Link Vaidyanath Ashtakam Text in pdf in Hindi

Ashtamangala or Eight Auspicious symbols in Hinduism

The term ‘Mangala’ means auspicious and ‘Ashta’ means eight auspicious – thus Ashtamangala refers to eight auspicious symbols. These eight symbols are associated with good fortune in Hinduism.
The eight symbols are – Parasol – A handheld collapsible sunshade. A pair of golden fish. A treasure vase. Lotus Right turning conch Srivatsa (endless knot) Banner of victory Wheel of Dharma.
These symbols were associated with royalty and were present during the coronation of a king.

Shiv Panchakshar Stotra in Hindi in pdf – Download Shiv Panchakshar Mantra Text

Shiv Panchakshar Stotra glorifies various attributes of Hindu God Shiva. The mantra is widely chanted by Hindus during the worship of Shiva. It is also an important Stotra during festivals and auspicious days dedicated to Mahadev. You can read mantra in Hindi below. You can also download a copy and save it in pdf format.
Shiv Panchakshar Stotra is chanted during Shivratri festival. It is also chanted on the 14th day during the waning phase of moon and also Pradosh fasting day.
This mantra is chanted daily morning and evening in the Shravan month.
You can download the prayer here – Shiv Panchakshar Stotra in Hindi in pdf

Get Free E-book on Somayagam

If you wish to learn about Somayagam – basic information about the important rituals held during this Vedic Yajna – then this e-book on Somayagam will be of great help. It gives a basic idea of the yajna.
You can download e-book on Somayaga here.
You need to visit the Somayaga website and the register an email address. Then a link will be send to the email address confirming the mail and you can download the e-book from the page.
Excerpts from the book
What is Somayaga?
Somayaga is a highly spiritual and effective ritual performed as prescribed in the Vedas. This lasts for six days. SOMA juice is used as the main oblation – hence the name SomaYaga. Remember that Soma is known as the king of medicinal herbs.
How and when did Yaga start?
Scholars hold that Yajnas have a history of over 5000 years in India. The earliest mention of Soma and Soma Yāgas are to be found in the Rig Veda – which is the oldest of the Vedas. Thus there is no doubt that Soma Yajnyas are as old as Indian Vedic hi…

Love can never be tiring or boring – Mata Amritanandamayi

Stop identifying with the world created by your mind, and a new world will open up before you.
When difficult circumstances arise in life don’t run away in fear, rather kindle the love within and try to overcome them.
If you fall, get up and try again with enthusiasm. Consider that the fall was meant to make you more alert.
Love can never be tiring or boring. It keeps filling your heart with more and more energy.
Mata Amritanandamayi