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Story of the Birth of Marthanda manifestation of Surya, the Sun God

Marthanda is a manifestation of Surya, the sun god in Hinduism. Please note that quite often Marthanda is also equated with sun (is another name of Surya). Legend has it that Aditi, the wife of Sage Kashyapa, was serving food to her husband. Suddenly a guest came. Aditi could only attend the guest after she had served her husband.
Aditi Devo Bhava – Guest is considered as God in Hindu culture. The delay in attending to him angered the guest. The guest, in a fit of anger, cursed Aditi that she would abort her fetus.
But Sage Kashyapa saved the fetus. The child that was born was Martanda, the one resurrected from the aborted fetus.

Hindu Temple to Be Demolished Lifted to New Site near Vellore in Tamil Nadu

Sree Aadhi Bethaballi Gangai Amman temple is located at Ayyanur village on the Ambur–Vaniyambadi Road near Vellore in Tamil Nadu. The temple was to be demolished due to highway expansion work. But devotees of the area other ideas and they decided to lift the temple to a new site. The temple is located around 230 km from Chennai. Deccan Chronicle Reports   “We were really upset and shared the news with the devotees. They suggested that we decide by lot on whether we should allow the demolition or retain the structure and move to a new location.  The chit that was drawn, which we believe is the divine intervention, suggested that the shrine be kept intact and moved to a new destination,” said Moorthy.  After it was agreed upon to move the shrine, the temple trust management purchased a private plot measuring 80 by 40 feet that was located 40 feet behind the present location for Rs 7 lakhs and engaged engineers from TDBD Private Limited, a Haryana-based structure relocation firm. “The …