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Udyapan for Pradosh Vrat – How to do Udyapan of Pradosh Vrat or Fasting? - Udyapan Vidhi For Fasting Dedicated to Shiva

Udyapan is the ritualistic ending of a vrat. Udyapan of Pradosh Vrat is observed after the completion of the Pradosh fasting. Here is a brief description of Udyapan Vidhi for Pradosh Vrat.

After the completion of the fast, on the Udyapan day prayers are offered to a Kalash filled with water. This water is then taken to a sacred spot or Shiva temple and poured on the Shivling.

Prayer at home involves chanting of ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ as much times as you can 51 or 108 or 1008 times.

You can also offer Bilva leaves to a Shivling along with water.

As Prasad you can prepare a sweet or offer fruits. This after the puja can be shared with family members, friends, relatives and neighbors.

To complete the Udyapan of Pradosh Vrat, you should perform Annadanam or food donation to poor children and old people. This can be performed on the day of Udyapan or on a later date.