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Moodevi – Story of the Goddess of Misfortune and Bad Luck

Moodevi is the Goddess of misfortune and bad luck in Hinduism. The term Moodevi is widely used in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. She is opposite of Goddess Lakshmi. Her story is mentioned in Hindu Puranas and folklores.
Moodevi is believed to have appeared during the Churning of Ocean or Samudra Manthan by Devas and Asuras to get Amrti or elixir. She appeared after the appearance of Goddess Lakshmi.
Moodevi went to Bhagvan Srihari Vishnu and asked him an abode to reside.
Bhagvan Vishnu asked her to reside in all those places that are kept dirty and where they do not sprinkle cow dung and draw kolam or rangoli.
Thus Moodevi resides in all those places that are unclean.

World’s Tallest Hanuman Murti (Statue – Idol) is Under Construction at Madapam near Narasannapeta in Srikakulam District in Andhra Pradesh

World’s Tallest Hanuman Murti at Madapam near Narasannapeta in Srikakulam District in Andhra Pradesh is the result of the tireless effort put by Jayi Ramanamurty, a hanuman devotee. When completed in May 2015, it will be the tallest Hanuman Murti (Statue – Idol) in the world.
The height of the Hanuman Murti is 176 feet height and is being constructed on the banks of the VamasadharaRiver. Construction began in 2005 and it will be completed in May 2015. The Hindu reports 
A devotee’s dream has become a reality within 8 years with the construction of India’s tallest Hanuman statue at Madapam, Narasannapeta mandal of Srikakulam district. The devotee Jayi Ramanamurty, a common man, dreamt in 2005 that the tallest statue for Lord Anjayaneya will be constructed on the banks of Vamasadhara river. His dream was not taken seriously initially but slowly devotees came forward with donations to make the project a reality. In the beginning, a devotee M.S.N. Raju of Cheepurupalli contributed Rs.10 …

Unless the real fire of aspiration is maintained one cannot progress – Swami Chidananda Thoughts

There is a class of insects called coleoptera. They have two sets of wings. The external wings will be stiff, thick and parchment-like, and they are not fit for flying. There are two film-like wings inside, which are used for flying. They serve the beetle wonderfully well. They take the insect up and forward, but they are so delicate, liable to be easily damaged that the external wings serve as the protecting armor.
That set of wings which takes the Sadhaka forward on the path is intense aspiration and constant Sadhana. Unless the real fire of aspiration is maintained one cannot progress. And to protect this aspiration against temptation, one must have the other set of wings in the shape of Vairagya and Satsanga, and must constantly keep up the current of Vichara or discrimination.
Vichara is the chief anchor of protection for the aspirant. It is only discrimination which can protect the aspirant against temptations. With aspiration and the protective covering of Vairagya and Satsa…