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Teachings from Dakshinamurti Stotram

The whole world is found to exist entirely in the mind like a city’s image reflected in a mirror. It appears outside, like a dream, through the power of maya. But, by the grace of the guru, it is perceived as the everlasting and non-dual self, on the dawn of knowledge.
Like a magician or a mighty yogi, Dakshinamurti projects outside this infinite universe by the sheer power of his will. Prior to this projection, it was potentially present like a tree in seed, by the power of time and space, imagined through maya, it appears to be many and multiform.
His light alone looms through the five senses. That alone brings in the state of knowing characterized by the awareness ‘I Know”.
Misguided men look upon their body, breath, sense, and the mind as ‘I.’ The grace of the guru dispels the mighty illusion caused by the play of maya.