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Vemalamma – About Goddess Vemalamma

Vemalamma is a village deity worshipped mainly in Andhra Pradesh and parts of Karnataka. She is associated with the neem tree – Vepa or Vema. The Goddess is worshipped in the form of neem tree. In some regions the murti (idols of Vemalamma) are placed beneath the neem tree.
Vemalamma is the deity that cures common diseases like fever, cough, cold, infection, chicken pox, small pox etc.
When villages are inflicted with contagious diseases, the villagers turn to Vemalamma for protection.
Symbolically, the deity represents the various medicinal property of the neem tree.

Teachings on Peace – Atharva Veda

Peace be on earth, Peace be in the skies, Peace be in heaven, Peace be in the waters, Peace be upon plants, Peace be upon trees; May the gods grant me Peace May all gods grant me Peace May peace be generated by these invocations; Peace.
By these invocations, all-encompassing invocations, I appease all that is terrible here, all that is cruel, all that is evil; may all that be peaceful, may all that be propitious, may all be tranquil for us.  

Atharva Veda, 19.9.14