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Polali Temple – Polali Rajarajeshwari Temple in Karnataka

PolaliRajarajeshwariTemple, popularly known as PolaliTemple, is located at Polali, around 22 km from Mangalore in Karnataka.  The temple is dedicated to Mother Goddess Shakti who is worshipped here in the Rajarajeshwari form. The murti worshipped in the temple is believed to be more than 5000 years old.
Legend has it that there lived a king named King Suratha. He was driven out of his kingdom by his corrupt ministers and a neighboring king. The king once roaming through the forest met a trader named Samadhi. They both then visited a Rishi who advised them to worship Mother Goddess Shakti.
King Suratha and Merchant Samadhi made Murti of Mother Goddess Shakti and subordinate deities at Polali and started worshiping the Goddess. After long intense penance, Goddess appeared before the king and the merchant. The king asked for the return of his kingdom and it was granted. Merchant Samadhi asked for self realization and it was also granted.
King Suratha then defeated his enemies and won bac…

Teachings of Jada Bharata in the Bhagavad Purana

It is the mind of man which causes him either to fall into the morass called samsara or to find freedom from it. It is the mind which should be subdued.
When the mind is tainted with the three gunas – Sattva, Rajas and Tamas its path is set in the world of objects. It will have to keep on performing actions, good or bad: and the cycle of births and deaths will be endless.
Mind will acquire desires and according to the desires, its progress will be towards the higher or towards the lower, as the case may be.
Pleasure and pain will affect the life of man and there will be no end to it. So long as the mind is attached to the things of the world it can never glow on its own accord.

Story of Jada Bharata and his teachings can be found in the Srimad Bhagavad Purana