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Maruti Raksha Yantra

Maruti Raksha Yantra is associated with Hanuman. Maruti Yantra protects against all forms of accidents. Legend has it that Maruti Raksha Yantra was place on the flag of the chariot or Ratha or Arjuna in the Mahabharata war. The Yantra protected the chariot from the millions of arrows and weapons aimed at it by the Kauravas.

Maruti Yantra is today place by devotees on their vehicles like car, scooter, bike, auto, bus, truck and other vehicles. The Yantra is also worshipped by people who face troubles from enemies. It is also today placed in homes and properties by people who fear about them being taken away.

It must be noted that Maruti Raksha Yantra is different from Hanuman Yantra.