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Goddess Kalyani

Goddess Kalyani is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti. This is one of the kind and caring form of Goddess Durga. In this form she is the embodiment of beauty and love. Gods and Saints use the term to define Goddess Kalyani when she is in her peaceful form. In this form she exists among devotees who follow Dharma. Goddess Kalyani form is also associated with fertility. Kalyani is also one of the important names of Mother Goddess and is part of 108 and 1008 names of Goddess Shakti.

Dress Code in place at Talacauvery Temple, the Origin of Kaveri River in Karnataka

Bhagamandala-Talacauvery Temple management committee has decided to enforce dress code at the Talacauvery Temple , the origin of Kaveri River in Karnataka. People wearing non-traditional dress will not be permitted inside the temple. Those who arrive unaware of new rule will be offered dhoti or shawl on rent at the two counters opened by the temple committee. Times of Indiareports  One staffer and six guards have been deputed at each counter to check on the attire of tourists and pilgrims. Anyone who refuses to adhere to a "presentable and decorous" dress code will be asked to cover themselves with the shawl or dhoti.  "Out intention is to ensure visitors are modestly dressed," said temple committee president Appachattolanda Manu Muthappa on the rationale behind the move. "Sometimes visitors come wearing Bermudas, sleeveless tops or are skimpily dressed and that's not acceptable in a place of worship," said Muthappa.  The dress code was