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Mantra to Get Money – Wealth – Prosperity in Hindu Religion in Hindi

The mantra to get money, wealth and attain prosperity is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi. People who do constant japa of this mantra – given below in Hindi – is believed to have attained immense wealth. Those that have attained wealth claim that daily chanting of the mantra helps in focusing – single pointed attention towards their job. It also gives them the hope of good prosperity. The mantra is:  The English transliteration of the Mantra is Om shrim hrim kleem tribhuvan Mahalakshmiye asmangh daridraya naraya prachur dhan dehi dehi kleem hreem shri Om

Adhyatma Upanishad Teachings

The wise should through the practice of deep meditation of Brahman leave off the recurrent conception of “I” and “mine” in the body and the senses which are other than Atma. Having known himself as Pratyagatma, the witness of Buddhi and its action, one should ever think “So’ham” (‘I am That’) and leave off the idea of Atma in all others. Having dissolved Jivatma into Paramatma with the thought of its being partless, like the either of a jar in the universal ether, be ever in a state of taciturnity (not speaking much). Looking upon everything in all places and times as Brahman brings about the destruction of Vasanas.