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Goddess Sharda

Goddess Sharda is one among the numerous names of Goddess Saraswati. In this form she is the fountainhead of Knowledge. There is an interesting symbolic story associated with Goddess Sharda. Legend has it that Shiva once opened his third eye and a terrible fire, Vadavagni , appeared from it. It threatened to destroy the universe. There was huge panic all around. Goddess Saraswati remained calm. When Devas wanted to know how she can sit calmly when Vadavagni is burning the earth. She said that Shiva’s fire only burns those that are Adharmic – the corrupt and evil. Saraswati Maa then took the form of a river and carried the Vadavagni into the ocean. She told that it will remain in the ocean till the time there are people on earth who follow Dharma. It will come out of ocean and destroy the world when there is no Dharma left on earth. The saints who witnessed this event called Her, Goddess Sharda, the goddess who removes darkness of ignorance and ushers in light of know

Skanda Upanishad Teachings

Bound by husk, it is paddy; freed from husk, it is rice. In like manner Jiva is bound by Karma. If karma perishes, Jiva is Sadashiva. So long as he is bound by the bonds of karma, he is Jiva. If freed from its bonds, then he is Sadasiva. The heart of Vishnu is Shiva. The heart of Shiva is Vishnu. As I see no difference between these two, therefore to me are prosperity and life. There is no difference between Shiva and Vishnu. To see oneself as not different from Him (Supreme Being) is jnana or wisdom. To make the mind free from sensual objects is dhyana and giving up of the stains of the mind is Snana.