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Yog in a Day in Hindu Astrology and Panchang – 27 Yogas in a Lunar Month

There are 27 Yog in a lunar month as per Hindu astrology and Panchangs. Each yog measure 13 degrees and 20 minutes – considering the 360 degrees of astrology calculation. Yogas are similar to Nakshatra in calculation but there is no link between them.

The 27 yogas are Vishkumbha, Preeti, Ayushman, Saubhagya, Shobhana, Atiganda, Sukarma, Dhriti, Shoola, Ganda, Vriddhi, Dhruva, Vyaghata, Harshana, Vajra, Siddhi, Vyatipata, Variyana, Parigha, Shiva, Siddha, Sadhya, Shubha, Shukla, Brahma, Indra and Vaidhriti.
Yogas are very important from the point of view of day to day rituals in temples and in selecting muhurtas.
Certain yogas like Vyatipata etc are considered highly inauspicious by certain Hindu communities.
Just like the Nakshatras the time period of Yogas varies from 15 hours to 27 hours.

Things Put inside Kalash Pot in Hindu Religion

Kalash is an important part of many Hindu festivals especially during Navratri. Kalash Pot is also permanently kept in shops and other establishment by many people. There is always doubt regarding what are the things that can be put inside kalash pot. There is no one answer to this question as the items used vary from region to region and from people to people. Some people only use water. The only common item that is put inside Kalash in all regions is water.
The important things that are put inside kalash are:
Water Coins Supari or betel nut Raw Rice Scent or Ghandh – a drop of perfume.

Pandupol Hanuman Temple in Alwar in Rajasthan

PandupolHanumanTemple is a very popular shrine dedicated to Hindu God Hanuman and is located at Pandupol which is around 35 km from Alwar Railway Station in Rajasthan. It is believed that Pandupol, a very beautiful place, was visited by Pandavas during their exile period.

This HanumanTemple was founded by Sant Nirbhaya Das Ji and is believed to be more 5000 years old. A simple temple without any major architectural temple attracts thousands of devotees.
The unique feature of the murti worshipped here is that it is in reclining position.
Main Offering at PandupolHanumanTemple – Dal, Bhati and Churma are offered at the temple. PandupolHanumanTemple – Darshan Timing – Opening and Closing Time The temple is open from 5:00 AM in the morning. Closing time is at 10:00 PM.
Important festivals in the temple are: Hanuman Jayanti (March/April) Ramnavami (March/April) Navratri (March/April and September/October)
Red thread and talisman is brought to the temple by devotees. Pujas are performed and t…

Gopuram of Srisailam Temple in Andhra Pradesh Collapses

The Gopuram on the northern side of SrisailamTemple in Andhra Pradesh collapsed at 2:20 PM on October 4, 2012. The tower was more than 500 years old and was 100 meter in height and was built of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Dedicated to Hindu God Shiva, Srisailam Temple is also known as BhramarambaMallikarjunaswamyTemple. It is one among the 12 Jyotirlinga Temples.
Times of Indiareports  The gopuram on the northern side, believed to have been built by King Shivaji, served as one of the main entrances to the Sri Bhraramba Mallikharjuna Swamy temple. It developed cracks showing stress and the wood used in it had decayed long back. The state government last carried out repairs to the heritage structure almost 50 years back in 1965.  An experts' committee, which was set up in 2010 to examine the condition of 40 heritage structures and ancient temples in the state after the collapse of the rajagopuram of Srikalahasti temple, had recommended immediate repair of the Shivaji gopuram. The e…

Subala Upanishad Teachings

There is neither Sat or Asat, nor Sat-asat.
He who knows this as seedless in this manner becomes himself seedless. He is neither born, nor dies, nor is deluded, nor split, nor burnt, nor cut – he does not feel angry, and hence he is said to be Atma, capable of  burning all.
One attains to this Atma by the six means of satya (truth), dana (Charity), tapas (religious austerities), non-injury to any creature, celibacy and complete indifference to worldly objects.
Whoever feels happy with the thought ‘I Know That,’ that learned person’s prana will never get out of his body at the moment of death, but will become absorbed in Brahman; and being absorbed in Brahman, he attains the state the State of Brahman Itself as he who knows this.