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King Bali Humbles the Pride of Ravana – Story

There is an interesting story in the Puranas that explains how King Bali humbled the pride of Ravana, the demon king. Once demon King Ravan reached netherworld or Pathala. King Bali was residing at Pathalam after he was pushed down to the underworld by the Vamana incarnation of Vishnu.

Ravana said to King Bali that he was cunningly pushed down to the netherworld and he should avenge this treachery. Ravana said that he was willing to help King Bali in this regard.
King Bali who had realized that Vishnu was the Supreme Truth was not interested in any revenge. Bali then talked about the greatness of Vishnu to remove the ignorance of Ravana.

Ravana was not impressed and said that he was not sacred of Vishnu and he was powerful enough to overpower Vishnu.

King Bali then pointed towards two huge golden mountains nearby and asked Ravana to bring one of the mountains to him to prove that he was so powerful.

Ravana then said that he had lifted the Kailash Mountain and lifting this golden mo…

Virtual Tour of Tirupati Balaji Temple Through High Resolution Pictures

TirupatiBalajiTemple need no introduction as it is one of the most popular temples in Hindu religion and is dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara. A. Suresh Babu of view360 has created a virtual tour of TirupatiBalajiTemple through high resolution images. You can view the pictures of the Mada Streets of the Temple and the PUSHKARANI (HOLY TANK) in 360 degrees.
There are nearly 30 high resolution images of the surroundings of the BalajiTemple.
You can take the virtual tour here at the view360 website.