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Sthitir Linga or Sthir Lingam

Ancient scriptures mention different types of Shivling. There are naturally formed Shivlings known as Swayambhu Shivlings. There are also manmade. Sthitir Linga or Sthir Lingam are those installed in temples and they are both Swayambhu and manmade.

Sthir Lingams are only worshipped in temples and in sacred places. In most such temples in South India, there will be another same murti known as Utsava murti which will be used for processions and festival rituals.
The most popular Sthir Lingams are the 12 Jyotir Lingas.
In North India, devotees can directly offer worship to the Sthitir Linga – they can touch and take blessings; offer flowers, bathe the lingam with water.
In South India, devotees are not allowed to touch the Sthir Lingam as it is kept inside the sanctum sanctorum.
Sthir Lingams in certain temples are also decorated with gold and other metals.
There are also Sthitir Lingas that have symbolic markings that are associated with Shiva – some have trishul marks, some have snak…

Download Vedic Texts in Sanskrit for Free in pdf

MaharishiUniversity of Management is providing the opportunity to download important vedic texts in Sanskrit in pdf for free. The texts include Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Stotrams, Upavedas, Jyothish, Vyakaran, Samhitas etc. The texts are in Sanskrit and there is no translation in English or Hindi. Meanings and interpretations are also not provided.
LinkYou can find Vedic texts here.

Whether one is educated or illiterate, one must have humility – Sathya Sai Baba

For everything there is reaction, resound and reflection in this Kali Age. When you speak softly and sweetly to others, you will receive the same in return. If you are rude to others, others will also be rude towards you. Every individual, irrespective of his age and country, must therefore speak softly and sweetly. Whether one is educated or illiterate, one must have humility.
All that you experience in this world is nothing but the reflection, reaction and resound of your own feelings. So, you should be good to everybody and work with the spirit of unity and love.
When the senses are allowed to have their way, all kinds of reactions occur. It is only when the sense are brought under unified control that the nature of Divinity can be comprehended.
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