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Odiyan Concept in Kerala

Odi Vidya is associated with black magic. The ritual is used to annihilate enemies. Those people who performed Odi Vidya were known as Odiyan. It was widely performed by people belonging to the communities of Panan, Parayan, Pulayan and Velan. This type of black magic was famous in Kerala and parts of Andhra Pradesh. To perform Odi Vidya against a person it is necessary to know his birth star (Nakshatra), birth date and month. After performing various rituals and mantras, the Odiyan breaks a small stick in his hand. When he does this, the backbone of the enemy will also break and he will die. It is also believed that using a combination of juices of particular herbs, Odiyan was able to change into various animals like ox, buffalo, fox, tiger, dog, etc. After taking various shapes, Odiyan will kill the enemy and then he will chant a mantra and return to his original form. There are also stories which indicate that Odiyan had the power to even kill the unborn child in the wo